The Objectives

  1. To instill in young people and the wider general public, a better understanding of animal needs and rights-encouraging a culture of kindness, care and understanding.
  2. To provide information, guidance and advice on a proper and better care of animals.
  3. To reinforce actions to end cruelty to animals through peaceful means covering animals of all types including wild animals, pet animals, commercial or farmed animals and laboratory animals.
  4. To work in collaboration with both governmental and private sector-both locally and internationally to achieve the similar aims.
  5. To develop network and strategic alliance to efficiently support TSPCA’s mission.
  6. To provide the primary aids to stray and abused animals to relieve their suffering as well as to improve quality of their life.
  7. To undertake the task of conservation and protection of the country’s natural resources and environment.

The term, “Animals” under TSPCA’s operation to promote their welfare and protection from cruelty include:

Pet Animals
Economic Animals (Livestock)
Wild Animals
Lab. Animals