Mutual Cooperation with Thailand’s Parliament for the Cause of Suffering Animals

Prior to the official launch of Baseline Monitoring (White Paper) on the current status of animals under cruelty in Thailand which has already become an issue of concerns among local and international communities, TSPCA's Secretary - General Khun Sawan Sangbunlung has sought mutual cooperation with the House's Commission on Religions, Art and Culture to join in Animal Welfare Legislation Campaign as well as to jointly work out the solution to stray animal problems currently prevalent in both rural and urban community monasteries where people think as animal dumping sanctuaries and, as a result, this has consistently posed public health problems to community as well as to create a mundane burden to the monks due solely to the animals owners' carelessness.

Photo shows TSPCA's Secretary – General (above,left) delivering his speech related to animal problems to the meeting of the House’s Commission and called for the Commission action at the Parliament on 7 September 2005 and (below,left) presenting a flower bouquet to Lt.Dr. Kudep Saikrachang, Chairman of the House’s Commission on Religions, Art and Culture to express congratulations on his being appointed as the House Commission Chairman; (below,right) group-pictured with Commission Chairman are three members of the House’s Commission (from right) Khun Sakol Hempho, Khun Prasit Butsri and (far left) Khun Yongyuth Thanapura, President of Buddha Dhamma Foundation.