The Project History

(The National Campaign Against Cruelty to Animals)

Executive Summary

Thailand is perceived topping a list of countries with frequent violations and cruelty to animals. These include wild animals, some pets, stray animals, animals used for commercial purposes and in laboratory testing situations.

Although many concerned citizens and tourists have filed complaints about a range of abuses, including for example indecent captivity, and the torturing of animals, in training for the purpose of display, elephants, tigers, bears and monkeys, gibbons and snakes are all subject to such continuing malpractice.

Cruelty to animals has become a worldwide topic – and for Thailand, is a national disgrace that has been used as an undeniable excuse to impose trade sanctions on Thai exports. For instance to increase productivity some animal owners reduce animal living space, to much below recommended minimum levels, whilst others force fat contact out of pigs, to sell them as wild hogs, by using electric shocks to keep them running!

Thousands of animal species have already become extinct because of human exploitation – including hunting for sport, for trade or exhibition, or commercial use.

Most animals are as much flesh and blood as human beings, feeling love, stress, loneliness and fear, pain, discomfort and hunger, in exactly the same way as we do – and to treat them cruelty, by not recognizing these common needs, and only be described as inhuman.

There are also several other problems that contribute to the animal cruelty situation in Thailand. The national legislation concerning animal cruelty has not been improved; yet the laws enforcement is still insufficient. Similarly, the Thai public has not been sufficiently informed about the issue.

TSPCA has worked on the prevention of cruelty and providing better welfare to animals in Thailand for well over a decade with more lessons learned and the present project will on the basis of these and other related experiences launch a comprehensive awareness raising, rescue operations, animal act reform and other related campaign in Thailand.