Animal Welfare Legislation Campaign

In order to provide a legal framework to facilitate the efficient law enforcement in Thailand together with the launch of an awareness raising campaign, the project will develop strategy to cover the Animal Welfare Act Reform as follows:

  1. Compile and Compare the Animals Welfare Acts used in approx. 14 countries for comparative study and for incorporation in the Draft, ideal for Thai society.
  2. Prepare a draft of the Act to be reviewed and to be adopted by the government agency concerned.
  3. A Push for Act Reform and for its Official Promulgation.
    • Launch of Public Poll to collect 50,000 signatures in support of Animals Welfare Act Reform as required by Thailand’s constitution.
    • Develop and establish a network of Thai people, public and private organizations and civic society for a concerted effort for a successful change in an act reform and an official adoption, via:
      • Public events
      • Seminars, Workshop, Public Hearing etc.
      • Mass Media Events
      • Dialogs with the House Committee on Natural Resources and Environment
      • Government Lobby/ Policy Advocacy.