Animals Adoption and Re-home Programme

The project will develop the animal adoption programme, inviting wealthy and animal loving individuals and business sector to adopt or sponsor individual animal or a group of stray animals.

The objective is to promote the IDEA of adoption as a “pilot project” to encourage the pubic to follow this in a longer term.

The following are key procedures in an animal adoption process:

  1. Identification of stakeholders-both stray animal shelter owners and the prospective adopters (e.g. the establishment of “VIPs Club for Deserted Animals”)

    (Note: TSPCA has already established a network with 15 stray dog and cat sheltering operators countrywide who are now taking care of 6,030 homeless animals with regular supply of food, medicine and other necessities provided by TSPCA through public donation.)

  2. Run Mobile Clinic and Rescue Operations
  3. Supply of donated food, medicine and the necessities to TSPCA –sponsored animal shelter owners under the programme.