Public Relations

TSPCA’s Corporate & Marketing Communication

Internal Communications

  • Exhibitions & Roadshows
  • Dissemination of Ad Hoc Media, i.e., Brochure, Poster etc.
  • Website Development & Promotion
  • Meetings, Seminars, Events etc.
  • Producing & Distribution of TSPCA’s Quarterly Bulletin, “Animal Lovers”

External Communications

  • The Publication of Supplement to be inserted in The Bangkok Post on TSPCA’s Anniversary
  • Co-organizing social events with other organizations to raise fund for stray animals as well as to promote TSPCA’s Mission
  • Distribution of Corporate VDO on TSPCA’s Mission
  • Handling Media Relations Programme to promote TSPCA’s Mission among Thailand’s Mass Media
  • Developing Community Relations Programme to promote cooperation among Thai people and animal welfare advocates in a bid to develop better welfare to affected animals in Thailand